Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring is everywhere....

This beautiful yellow flower is the marsh marigold and is growing in our garden pond.
It's one of the first flowers in the pond and I love them.

Our pond last year in the middle of our garden.

It's incredible but for the third year the little blackbirds had built their nest in this old and rotten birdhouse! Last year we wanted to throw it away because we thought it would be raining in, but now we saw that it's inhabited again!
Next to this old house we hang a new one but that's empty! So you see that it's not important for birds if their house is beautiful and new.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful!!!
    Oh how nice a bird in the birdhouse>
    I can spend howers to see them fly.
    I wish you a wunderful week

  2. Hi :o)
    Lovely pictures and lucky you!!
    It was snow here this morning....and it's cold!! I'm waiting for sunny and warm days!!

    Have a nice week :o)

  3. Wat een prachtige vijver!!!! Bij ons bloeit de gele dotter ook. Ben erg benieuwd naar meer foto's van je tuin. Hele fijne week gewenst, groetjes Anja

  4. Hi!
    How lovely, these first signs of spring. Beautiful!!!
    Have a lovely weekend to you!
    Warm greetings, Lennu

  5. Hi,

    You have a very nice blog. The pics are beautiful. We also have an old bird house that gets inhabited every year. They don't seem to like the new ones...Have a great week. I will stop by again...Heidi

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